With it, outdoor camping can also enjoy pre made dishes!


Since the prepared dishes were written into the No. 1 central document this year, together with the "support" of the technology of prepared dishes by Gree, Ecootrunk and other large and small household appliance enterprises, the prepared dishes have entered the channel of faster development. Represented by Ecootrunk as a technological innovation enterprise, pre made vegetables can also be enjoyed during outdoor camping!


It is understood that there are many kinds of prepared dishes, which can be divided into ready to eat food (such as Babao Congee, ready to eat canned food), ready to heat food (such as frozen rice dumpling, self heating hot pot), ready to cook food (semi-finished dishes that need to be heated for cooking) and ready to prepare food (such as clean dishes that are free from washing and cutting) according to the degree of processing and convenience of eating.


From a technical perspective, in order to use prefabricated vegetables for outdoor camping, improvements must be made in insulation. Ecootrunk's T30 series has developed zone temperature control, which allows users to place them in zones according to the type of prefabricated vegetables. At the same time, real-time temperature monitoring can also be achieved through mobile apps, which is fashionable and convenient.


After filling up the pre made vegetables, the main concern for outdoor camping is transportation, and the boxes are usually quite heavy. Ecootrunk has already thought about it, so the T30 series has added a model with 6-inch wheels, which is to make it convenient for users to go there without worrying when camping outdoors. It can be easily pulled up and left without any effort!