Summer Outdoor Camping Items:T30 Series


Previously, when a family of all sizes went camping outdoors, they brought food prepared in advance at home, but not much because the preservation and insulation time was not long, and it was almost cold by noon. So, the main focus is on instant snacks bought in the mall, because they can be stored for a longer time, but you just need to bring more drinks.


Later, on the recommendation of a friend, I purchased a model of the Ecootrunk Car Refrigerator T30 series. After some comparison, considering the convenience and feeling that the dual zone, dual temperature, and dual control effect was better, I resolutely chose the one with wheels, which is convenient for outdoor camping. Without two people moving together, one person can easily carry around.


What surprised me was that when everyone sat around, my lover and I sat on the second side of the refrigerator, which was convenient for taking out food. Then, I adjusted the lid of the refrigerator according to our needs. The T30 series car refrigerator lid can be swapped left and right, and it fully played its role. It was easy and easy to solve, and we didn't always feel unhappy when we were alone!


The T30 series also has many other heartwarming features, such as the ability to freeze food on both sides and place it on any side you want; The built-in LED light makes it very convenient to pick up food at night... So, today, I also recommend this Ecootrunk Car Refrigerator T30 series to more friends.