Driver's driving companion experience:T40 series


In hot summer, the best way to enjoy driving outside is to have a bottle of iced black tea to drive away the heat in a timely manner. So, many drivers will buy a refrigerator and put it on the car, so that there are frozen drinks to drink at any time. However, for many drivers who need to work in the car for a long time, this type of car refrigerator that can only meet basic functions is not enough. They want more, and it is also necessary to be able to barbecue and eat in the service area during long-distance driving, replenishing physical strength and energy.

Recently, I learned from a truck driver who has been driving for over 10 years that the Ecootrunk T40 series in car refrigerators can not only freeze beverages, but also freeze fresh meat, with very powerful functions. So, we started talking about the Ecootrunk T40 series car refrigerators——


Cooling rapidly reaches minus 20 degrees Celsius, with full ice power

The Ecootrunk T40 series car refrigerator adopts the world's leading DC compressor, which can quickly cool to minus 20 degrees Celsius even in high temperatures inside the car in summer, making it extremely ice resistant. Having it on the car can help the driver instantly drive away the intrusion of the scorching heat!


Freezing and refrigerated partition design, fresh and fresh

For long-distance drivers, cold drinks can only be considered basic, and more importantly, they should be able to keep some meat, vegetables, fruits, and other items fresh in the car without odor, which will affect the limited space in the entire cab! The Ecootrunk T40 series in car refrigerators have creatively developed a freezing and refrigerated partition design, which can effectively delay the growth of bacteria and spoilage of food in the refrigerator, maintain freshness of vegetables and fruits, and ensure that the meat texture and taste remain unchanged. It can be said that frozen meat and fresh vegetables and fruits have both advantages and can be achieved together!


Energy efficient and safe, the best partner for drivers

Car fuel consumption is a priority option for drivers when buying a car. However, the power consumption of the Ecootrunk T40 series in car refrigerators is not a concern for drivers, as its operating function is only 55W, and the power consumption is similar to that of a car navigation system, which is very energy-saving. Moreover, it also has a 3-speed battery protection, which automatically detects voltage. During driving, even a 30 degree slope does not affect operation, ensuring safe travel. At the same time, it is also equipped with a household AC power cord, which can be used even when staying out. It has become a fully mobile refrigerator, very convenient and considerate. No wonder many driver friends say it is the best partner for drivers.


According to data statistics, the number of car drivers in China has exceeded 400 million, but more than half of them are not widely aware of the benefits of mobile and fresh car refrigerators. The Ecootrunk T40 series car refrigerators have 30 liters, 40 liters, 50 liters, and more than T20 and T30 series, which can meet the different needs of drivers. As more people promote their experience of the Ecootrunk car refrigerator, more and more people will begin to like the Ecootrunk car refrigerator with mobile preservation function.